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One of the biggest benefits to planting flags in Bulgaria is that it has a 65% corporate tax rate. A couple years back there was talk about changing to a progressive tax system, but it seems that the flat tax will remain for now.

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One of the sad realities of recent years is that the West is becoming more and more hostile toward business and the free market. It’s one of the big reasons this site even exists, and probably one of the main reasons you’re here, right now, reading this article.

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Istanbul a nice city, but not for a single guy. Serbia very nice, but plagued by slow internet, not so great to be single. Russia and Ukraine better for single guys, the latter being extremely cheap , though these countries are a bit rough around the edges.

Andrew, with all due respect, the corporate sector is not only flat fees and taxes.
I live in Macedonia and we are struggling with political crisis and transition ever since our independence. I know, not the best way to promote my country by stating it is definitely NOT the top spot for 8766 planting a business flag 8767 . I 8767 d rather put it in the 8766 Countries to Avoid 8767 category. Why?

Many other Eastern European countries are just too small to handle your business needs or provide the kind of credibility your company will need to operate internationally.

I know, it 8767 s not all sunny as it looks. And unfortunately, only the locals see this.
Let 8767 s just hope it will be better.

Cotton American flags are made for use indoors, under cover, or during fair weather days. Cotton is a beautiful fabric but not as durable as today''s synthetic flags. When you buy American flag for under your porch or overhang, cotton is a lovely option.

An American flag banner is a type of flag which has a sleeve for mounting on a pole. This sleeve slides over the pole and fastens with a button hole to the top of the pole. This style is used for house flagpoles on the front porch or for indoor presentation sets.

Over the years, we’ve discussed the loss of freedom in the West and canvassed the world in search of safe havens where capitalism and freedom are still alive and well.

This business-friendly environment is one reason why I have become more and more interested in countries in Eastern Europe, and why I made the decision to leave Southeast Asia — moving Nomad Capitalist headquarters from Malaysia to Georgia.

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